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adi handmade

Adi Handmade is inspired by the elegance found in simplicity together with a love for symmetry, geometry and the universal spirit which unites us all.

By playing with a mix of traditional and non-traditional methods of stone setting and jewellery design, a blend of old and new cultures is brought to life, highlighting the rare and beautiful talent of local craftsmen.

Adi Handmade was born in and continues to find its home in the old city of Jaipur, which, apart from existing as a source of magic and inspiration, is well-known as the home for a variety of unique handmade design and production techniques, passed down over generations.

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Angana Nanavaty

Angana’s jewellery is made in India and carries the loving energies of the talented hands that make it. The collections are rooted in symbolism and themes that are centered around positive beliefs or emotional states. The jewellery is delicate and has been designed for daily wear with small details and minimal form.

Angana has created a small tribe of happy customers around the world and is grateful for the lasting friendships that her work has brought her. Always a dreamer and an imaginative storyteller, Angana expresses her sense of wonder and intentions through her jewellery.

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Estaagems was founded in Mumbai in 2009 by Swati Shah and Pratik Shah. Estaagems crafts jewellery that interweaves wisdom with gemstones and metals. They craft jewellery in gold, silver, titanium, wood and recycled aluminium.

The team consists of specialists including wax carvers, metal smiths, 3D designers, gem setters, polishers, enamellers and an electro-finishing laboratory.

Over the past few years, Pratik has had the privilege to work with some of the finest artists and institutions all over the world.

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Sim Sum Fine Jewellery

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Tara Fine Jewellery

Tara Daswani from Tara Fine Jewellery is a third generation jeweller with a penchant for bold, irreverent and effortless pieces in 18k gold, diamonds, enamel and precious stones.

Appealing to clients with a whimsical approach to fine jewellery, expect diamond encrusted spiders, horn daggers and a whole lot of soul in her LOVEly Eye collection - a philosophy that we give and attract love and positivity.

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